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Branding Trends of 2023

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Branding is forever evolving and it's vital to stay up to date on the latest trends to capture the right audience for your business. From minimalism to personalisation and inclusivity, we'll dive into the top branding trends that are gaining popularity in 2023 and explore how businesses are incorporating them into their brand identity to establish a lasting impression. So, let's dive in and explore the exciting world of branding trends!

The biggest branding trends of 2023 are:

  1. Personalised Branding

  2. Inclusivity-Focused

  3. Sustainable Branding

  4. Brave Colour Choices

  5. Mascot Mania

  6. Custom Fonts

  7. Illustration

  8. Lettergram

  9. Complex Minimalism

  10. Nostalgia


1. Personalised Branding

Personalised branding is all about creating a unique and individualised experience for consumers. This can include everything from personalised product recommendations based on their preferences, to customising the packaging and design of products to appeal to their individual tastes. Personalised branding goes beyond traditional mass marketing approaches and focuses on creating a one-to-one relationship with customers. This can be achieved through a variety of methods, such as using customer data and insights to create targeted marketing campaigns or creating customised products and services.

Lip Lab 

Lip Lab is an innovative beauty concept that is literally going to change the way you buy lipstick! Ranging from custom shades of lipstick, lipgloss, foundation, and concealer that is the perfect colour, finish and consistency. Not only that, but they can produce discontinued products that customers may still love, but are unable to find.

Source: Pinterest and


2. Inclusivity-Focused

Yuan Pilates: Logo

Inclusive Branding is all about creating brand identities that are welcoming, accepting, and representative of all individuals, regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, ability, or any other characteristic. This approach recognises the importance of representation and inclusivity in a world that is becoming more diverse and socially aware.

Inclusive branding can take many forms, from showcasing diverse models and influencers in advertisements to incorporating accessibility features in product design. Brands that embrace inclusive branding often use diverse models in their advertising campaigns, incorporate inclusive language in their messaging, and create products that cater to diverse needs. Overall, the goal of inclusive branding is to create a more welcoming and accepting brand that resonates with a wider audience.

Yuan Pilates 

Pilates is a physical fitness system that is designed to improve flexibility, strength, balance and posture, commonly associated towards a female demographic. However Yuan Pilates wanted to create an inclusive gender neutral brand that delivers premium pilates experience, inspirations, wellness to the local and global fitness community. The visuals used are to create contrast of fluidness & solidness, yin & yang, and explore the spectrum of genders.


3. Sustainable Branding

Honey Biotics: Social Media Posts

Sustainable branding is not just about "going green" or making eco-friendly choices, it's about creating a brand that cares about the long-term impact it has on the planet and the people who live on it. This means taking a holistic approach to sustainability and considering the social, economic, and environmental impacts of your brand.

Honey Biotics 

Honey Biotics is an Australian Skin Care Brand specialising in Manuka Honey based skincare solutions that truly deliver results, care about the environment and determined to make positive changes. We built a visual system for Honey Biotics, centering around the core ideas of sustainability, ethical beekeeping and results-driven-products. One of the main attributes that Honey Biotics participates in, is their annual donation of their profits to forest conservations.


4. Brave Colour Choices

Orderbuddy: Logo and Applications Icons

Bold colours are all about using bright and eye-catching hues to create a strong and memorable brand identity. Companies are moving away from the safe and muted colour palettes of the past and embracing bold and vibrant colours that convey confidence, energy, and excitement.


Orderbuddy is a single system offering a range of innovative cost savings and efficient solutions to restaurants and retailers who sign up with them. For their rebranding, standing out amongst a range of ordering systems on the market was a focal point when tasked to reconstruct Orderbuddy's branding. When modernising the company brand, building a vibrant online presence including website design, app icon design, motion graphic ads and social media campaigns, it was vital to showcase the youthful and approachable culture that encapsulates Orderbuddy.


5. Mascot Mania

Anton Real Estate: Mascot - Alfred

The use of a mascot is all about using a character or figure to represent and personify a brand. This character can be a cartoon character, an animal, a person, or even an abstract figure, and it becomes the face of the brand. This trend has become increasingly popular in recent years, as companies realise the importance of creating a strong brand identity in a crowded marketplace. Mascots can be used to tell the story of a brand and communicate its mission and vision in a fun and engaging way.


Anton Real Estate is an Australian licensed property enterprise, focusing on property management and sales services. They decided to expand out with their target demographic which led to the decision of doing a whole visual rebrand. Leading to a new mascot called Alfred to give a friendly welcoming experience to new homeowners and renters.


6. Custom Fonts

Zamsky Yao: Business Card

Custom fonts are a popular branding trend that involves creating a unique typeface that is tailored specifically to a brand's identity. With the rise of digital media, custom fonts are becoming more common as they help brands stand out from their competition and create a more cohesive brand experience across all touchpoints. Overall, the use of custom fonts in branding is a trend that is here to stay. So expect to see custom fonts to continue being used by brands looking to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Zamsky Yao 

Zamsky and Yao Chartered Accountants decided to wanted a custom logo that incorporated their initials. For this logo, we have gone through the route of cutouts (or letterboxing) to create a unique visual effect. In this case, it is to show the precision and attention to detail in the industry which are essential qualities. The cutouts also add a modern and stylish tough to the brand's visual identity.


7. Illustration

Pacific Asian - Illustration Artwork on window display

The use of illustrations in branding has been a growing trend in recent years. They can convey a sense of playfulness, warmth, and creativity that can resonate with consumers on an emotional level. Hand-drawn illustrations, in particular, have gained popularity as they can add a sense of authenticity and personality to a brand.

Additionally, illustrations can be hand-drawn or digitally created, allowing for endless possibilities and opportunities for customisation. With the rise of social media and the need for brands to stand out in a crowded market, using illustrations in branding can help create a distinctive and memorable visual identity.

Pacific Asian Grocer

Pacific Asian Grocer strives to be the go-to destination for fresh and authentic global groceries. Pacific Asian is passionate about connecting cultures and pride themselves on their inclusive approach. They were looking to rebrand so that they can better connect with Australian young people who are reluctant to browse international groceries due to a lack of understanding of the ingredients. We built a set of visual system including illustration characters to make the brand look younger and inclusive. Our strategy is to make customers feel a welcoming vibe in-store and get used to a convenient digital shopping experience.


8. Lettergram

Melstone: Logo

The branding trend of using icons as letters involves creatively incorporating icons or symbols within the letters of a brand's name or initials to create a unique and memorable logo. By using icons as letters, brands can simplify their visual identity, making it more memorable and recognisable to their audience. Iconic lettermarks are versatile and can be used across various brand touchpoints, from digital to print, making them an effective branding trend in modern design.


Melstone Construction is an expertise for delivering exceptional homes through intricate consideration, superior talent in the trade and an unrivalled passion for construction. Changing from the role of developer to builder, Melstone Construction was seeking for a new brand identity that communicates to developers who are looking for innovative builder that can bring concepts to real life with craftsmanship, and creates meaningful spaces with modern, innovative and eco-friendly approaches. This was communicated through the lettergrams to convey to innovated ideas and craftsman in the industry.


9. Complex Minimalism

A series of poster designs for Investorfi

Investorfi: Posters and Logo

The branding trend of complex minimalism is characterised by a minimalist design approach that incorporates intricate or detailed elements within an otherwise simple and clean design. This trend is particularly popular in branding and graphic design, where designers aim to create simple and clean designs that still capture the complexity and depth of the brand. It can convey a sense of elegance, sophistication, and modernity, and is often used by brands seeking a unique and refined visual identity that stands out in a cluttered marketplace. Complex minimalism can help brands communicate a sense of luxury and sophistication while still maintaining a clean and modern aesthetic.


Investorfi is an Australian property investment company, who aims to go beyond the obvious to align with every client’s vision. We created a brand embodying the self-made men spirit in every tangible of details: from the contours of the letters to the intensity of the hues. Giving a complex yet simple aesthetic to the brand that can easily stand out from other brands with its clean and modern design.


10. Nostalgia

A pink retro boom box as a Dj stage

Highlight: Environmental Design

The branding trend of nostalgia involves incorporating elements from past decades or eras into a brand's visual identity. This could include using vintage-inspired typography, retro colour schemes, or images from previous decades. By tapping into the power of nostalgia, brands can create a sense of comfort and trust, and strengthen their connection with consumers. This trend is popular in industries such as fashion, food and beverage, and entertainment, where consumers often have strong emotional connections to certain time periods or cultural icons.

A pink star sign mascot and event photos of a festival

Highlight Carnival is a dynamic Chinese youth culture brand that celebrates music festivals, street sports, and street art. With a focus on creativity, community, and self-expression, Highlight Carnival cultivates an energetic and inclusive atmosphere where young people can connect, express themselves, and celebrate their passions. The visuals are heavily emphasised on Y2K street art with their neon colours and bold shapes.


From the use of bold colours and custom fonts to the incorporation of illustrations and personalised branding, businesses are looking for creative and innovative ways to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and adapt their branding strategies accordingly to remain relevant and competitive. Additionally, inclusive branding and sustainable practices have become increasingly important as consumers become more socially and environmentally conscious. As technology advances, it is likely that branding trends will continue to shift, and it is essential for brands to keep up with the latest trends to remain relevant and successful in a competitive marketplace.



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