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8 Graphic Design Types Every Business Owner Should Utilise

Working screen for a coffee website
Pexels stock image of a website design

Graphic design serves as a powerful tool for conveying messages, capturing attention, and leaving a lasting impression. As a business owner, understanding and utilising the right graphic design types can significantly enhance your brand's communication efforts and captivate your target audience.

From branding to motion graphics design, the versatility and impact of these 8 design types, allows you to effectively communicate your brand story and captivate your audience's attention.


1. Branding and Visual Identity

Pages from a branding guide for Investorfi
Branding Guide for Investorfi

A brand identity, encompassing a collection of visual assets and guidelines, defines the essence of your brand. Whether your business is large or small, establishing a strong brand identity is crucial for maintaining consistency across all visual and graphic materials.

A comprehensive understanding of how a company's visuals align with its overall business strategy enables graphic designers to create designs that effectively communicate the brand's values and resonate with the target audience. By leveraging the power of graphic design, business owners can establish a cohesive visual identity that enhances brand recognition and promotes a professional and consistent brand image.

Examples of Design for Branding and Visual Identity
  • Logo design

  • Brand guide

  • Business card

  • Letterhead

  • Office stationery

2. Marketing and Advertising Design

Collage of marketing posters from Highlight for one of their events
Marketing Posters of an exclusive event

Among the various outlets of graphic design, advertising stands out as one of the most popular and profitable. What sets advertising design apart is the direct impact it has on sales. When your marketing materials are crafted to be concise, imaginative, and eye-catching, the potential for driving profit becomes inevitable.

With persuasive visuals and compelling messages, well-executed advertising design can effectively capture the attention of your target audience and motivate them to take action, ultimately leading to increased sales and business success.

Examples of Design for Marketing & Advertising
  • Posters, banners, and billboards

  • Magazine and newspaper ads

  • Social media ads

  • Infographics

  • Email marketing templates

3. UI (User Interface)/Web Design

Mockup of homepage to LGY Group
Homepage for LGY Group

Graphic design encompasses a wide range of creative disciplines, including user interface (UI) design or web design, which focuses on the visual aspects of software and web interfaces. In UI design, the user's visual experience and functionality are equally important considerations.

UI designers are specialised professionals responsible for crafting the visual elements that users interact with, such as buttons, icons, colours, typography, and more. Their aim is to create interfaces that are not only visually appealing and on-brand but also straightforward and user-friendly. While innovation is encouraged in UI design, it is crucial to strike a balance and maintain a sense of familiarity to ensure a seamless user experience.

Examples of User Interface Design
  • Blogs or online portfolios

  • Ecommerce Sites

  • Business websites

  • Mobile games

  • Mobile Apps

4. Packaging Design

Packaging dieline and mockup for a skincare product
Packaging Design NMN

Graphic design becomes a valuable asset in crafting effective packaging that acts as the ultimate sales representative for physical products. The visual appeal of attractive packaging, achieved through skilful graphic design, has the power to set your product apart from the competition.

When collaborating with packaging designers, it is vital to consider the size, shape, texture, and any unique characteristics of the container or wrapper. By leveraging the expertise of graphic designers, you can ensure that the visual elements harmonise with your brand's identity and create an impactful packaging experience that captivates customers and drives sales.

Examples of Packaging Design
  • Food and beverages

  • Apparel

  • Shipping Boxes

  • Product Packaging

5. Publication Design

Mockup of a spread about benefits of manuka honey with honey biotics
Brochure design for Honey Biotics

Publication Design entails the strategic creation of layouts for long-form content, typically found in print mediums such as books, magazines, and catalogues. Given that publications often contain substantial amounts of text, it becomes even more critical for marketers and creative art directors to prioritise the proofreading stage. Ensuring meticulous attention to detail during this phase guarantees error-free and polished publications that effectively communicate your message to readers, enhancing the credibility and professionalism of your brand.

Examples of Publication Graphic Design
  • Books and e-books

  • Magazines and catalogues

  • Brochures and email newsletters

6. Environmental Design

Sticker design on a glass door
Storefront Design for BCS Workshop

Environmental design, combines elements of interior design and architecture that focuses on creating visually engaging and functional elements within physical spaces. A crucial aspect of this design discipline is the development of way-finding systems, including signage that guides individuals within a specific location. Additionally, branded environmental graphic design integrates a brand's visual elements into spaces like offices, ensuring a cohesive brand experience. Ultimately, environmental graphic design contributes to the art of "placemaking," where the seamless integration of form and function becomes indispensable in shaping memorable and purposeful environments.

Examples of Environmental Design
  • Way-finding signs

  • Interactive exhibits

  • Art installations

  • Branded wall art or murals

  • Storefront Design

7. Motion Graphic Design

Motion graphics, as the name suggests, are animated graphics that bring static designs to life. Imagine them as an enhanced evolution of traditional PowerPoint animations and transitions, but with the ability to enhance all your digital marketing content. By incorporating motion graphics, you can infuse vitality and captivate audiences, making your online ads truly stand out in a dynamic and engaging manner. Marketers and audiences alike have enthusiastically embraced the introduction of motion graphics, appreciating the transformative impact they have on designs that were once static, breathing new life into visuals and elevating the overall user experience.

Examples of Motion Graphics
  • Animated charts and infographics

  • Simple GIFs

  • Animated maps

  • Animated typography

8. Illustration Design

Illustration designs for major holidays
Anton Real Estate Calendar Designs for major holidays in Australia

It is important to differentiate between illustrations and graphic design. Illustrations are unique visual representations that effectively communicate concepts or narratives. On the other hand, graphic design involves crafting visual messages by skilfully combining elements such as colour, form, text, and images. Both illustrations and graphic design play integral roles in conveying messages and capturing attention. By understanding the distinctions and leveraging the power of graphic design, businesses can create visually compelling and impactful content that resonates with their target audience.

Examples of Illustration for Graphic Design
  • Murals

  • Posters and greeting cards

  • Book covers

  • Portraits and mascots


By understanding the distinctions between different design types, you can make informed decisions and effectively evaluate your options. Whether you require logo design, packaging design, UI design, or any other graphic design services, having a comprehensive knowledge of the available design types enables you to select the most suitable designers and solutions for your specific goals.

Understanding the diverse types of graphic design is crucial for making informed decisions when seeking specific results. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your business's visual impact – take the first step and visit our graphic design agency page now.



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